Natalie Simms, who heads up ActionCOACH Winchester Basingstoke and Farnborough discusses the benefits of ActionCLUB group coaching. 

“I love coaching my clients and seeing them use their business as a vehicle for improving their lives.

With my group coaching programme, ActionCLUB, I achieve the same buzz and excitement as I do with my 1-2-1 clients AND I have the added excitement that I have helped multiple business owners/clients simultaneously in a single coaching session.

This year I started two 12-month ActionCLUB group coaching programmes. The first, which started in January 2021, concludes within the next few weeks and finishes with the members creating their Q1 2022 90-day plan in GrowthCLUB on 16th December. I’m so proud to see the success that my clients on this programme have all achieved so far, especially during what has been such a challenging year for many businesses.

I started the second ActionCLUB programme in the middle of September and thought that I would share a glimpse of what we achieve for our members in this post.

ActionCLUB Group Coaching: The Programme 

There are twenty-five sessions in the ActionCLUB programme. Each ActionCLUB session is 2.5 hours in duration and typically occurs every fortnight with GrowthCLUB taking the place of ActionCLUB at the end of each calendar quarter. Members enjoy these sessions because they are highly interactive and packed with engaging content.

The programme that started in September has already benefited the members through sessions focused on: defining 5-, 3- and 1-year goals; Time Mastery; DISC behavioural analysis and members defined their first 90-day plan through attending the September GrowthCLUB.

Our Latest Session: Purpose, Vision, Culture & Purpose 

We have just completed the session focused on defining the Purpose, Vision, Culture and Values for their businesses. This is a hugely valuable session for all business owners because it allows them to really define and make visible what their destination looks like and how they will travel their journey on the way with their team.

Here is a summary of what is achieved through defining these items:

  • Purpose: In defining your company’s purpose you provide clarity about your organisation’s reason for existence.​ It answers the question “Why?” rather than just explaining what you do. It clarifies – from your customers’ viewpoint – what business you are really in. Great organisations have a deep and noble sense of purpose – a significant purpose – that inspires excitement and commitment.
  • Vision: Defines what will your business look like when it is finished. Provides visibility to where you want to take your business in the next 5 years. And how will you define success in 5 years. It is a vibrant, engaging, and specific description of what it will be like to reach your destination.
  • Culture & Values: Allows you to be clear about how you want your team to behave whilst achieving your vision. Having these defined and written gives existing and new team members a greater understanding as to what is, and what isn’t, considered acceptable behaviour. If you do not proactively decide what the culture will be then the team will do it for you.

Members immediately benefit from having these defined as they can make them instantly visible in their marketing and just as importantly in their recruitment efforts to really help them stand out in the current competitive employment market.

An added benefit for our ActionCLUB members is that they not only have me to critique their work, but they are encouraged to help each other by critiquing each other’s work in a friendly, safe learning environment. I get a great sense of satisfaction watching business owners from different industries working closely together in what is a highly collaborative environment.

Find out more about ActionCLUB Group Coaching 

If you’re interested to learn more about group coaching with me, I’d love to hear from you. There are three ways that you can learn more about investing in the ActionCLUB programme:

  • Have a 1-2- introductory zoom call with me
  • Join one of our regular ActionCLUB taster sessions
  • Following one of the above come and experience a full ActionCLUB session

Get in touch if you’d like more details.

I hope to see you soon.”