It was great to get our clients together for the first time in 2022 for GrowthCLUB, our 90-day planning workshop at Highfield Park. Whilst the spring weather didn’t quite arrive, it was both motivating and inspiring to gather such a fantastic group of clients, old and new, all focusing on setting their goals for the next quarter.

Strong Client Progress

Mike McIntyre from Xenogenix with his GrowthCLUB Growth AwardThe session started with an update from each of our clients, finding out about their progress since we last met at GrowthCLUB in December 2021. This included some strong growth stories – with one client tripling their revenue! It was a proud moment, and very encouraging for everyone, especially our newer clients, to see what is achievable with 90-day planning. We also presented our first GrowthCLUB award for growth to Xenogenix, so huge congratulations to Mike McIntyre and his team.

We’ve welcomed a number of new clients over the past few months so for them this was their first experience of GrowthCLUB. For many it was the first time they had built a 90-day plan but they fully embraced it, understanding the importance of planning for the next quarter and setting those must-achieve goals.
April GrowthCLUB attendeesIt was also the perfect time to celebrate yet more client success and we were delighted to share the news that Rewfus Brode, from Swygge, won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the recent ActionCOACH UK BizX 2022 Awards. What a fantastic accomplishment for Rewfus, and his co-founder Emily, who have worked so hard and have achieved so much in such a short space of time.We’re so excited about their future, Swygge is certainly one to watch!

It was inspiring to see all the awards in the room at the same time and we were proud to bring our own for Best Client Results at the ActionCOACH UK Growth Awards 2022. Here’s to many more!

One of the things I love about GrowthCLUB is how invested we all are in each other’s successes. As I’ve mentioned before the group has formed a strong bond that strengthens every time we meet, and it was lovely to see some of our original members sharing their experiences with our newer clients.

Setting Goals

The focus the group had on setting goals to help them build their business for the next quarter was really encouraging, including:

  • Attracting and retaining the right people
  • Implementing systems and processes
  • Defining company culture
  • Securing investment
  • Building the foundations of a great workplace

These are all areas that we encourage clients to focus on with their one-to-one coaching so we’re already looking forward to finding out how they got on at our next GrowthCLUB in June.

Everyone needs a 90-day plan. By the end of every GrowthCLUB, our clients have a clear picture of where their business will be at the end of the quarter with a step-by-step plan to get them there.​ We’ll be running our next GrowthCLUB on Thursday 30th June. If you want to join us to develop your 90-day plan then get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you!