On the 30th June we all gathered for our Q3 90-day planning session at Highfield Park. This was our fourth in-person session and my first coming back from maternity leave and the difference between virtual and physical events was clear. To see the clients all getting on together, having conversations and discussing their businesses was brilliant and much more personable than the Covid-enforced virtual sessions where free-flowing conversations don’t come as naturally.


The first part of every GrowthCLUB we dedicate to sharing our successes for the quarter. Client successes included staff retention and recruitment, investments in brand, website and lead generation and using ActionCOACH’s Quick wins to make small but significant changes to the business. It was great to hear all of our clients doing so well and encouraging for our newer clients, for whom this was their first GrowthCLUB, to see what is achievable with 90-day planning.

Setting goals

Focusing on the 90-day planThis GrowthCLUB saw the majority of the group setting goals to increase sales for the next quarter so we’re looking forward to how they get on when we get together at the next GrowthCLUB in September. One of the great pieces of feedback we received from a client who was at their third GrowthCLUB was that they no longer find they’re setting standard tasks, they now set goals that go above and beyond these. They also said being away from the office allowed them to look at the business objectively.


Each GrowthCLUB includes an educational section. This is an opportunity for the group to enhance their 90-day planning with any learnings brought about from this. This time the educational section focused on loyalty: what it is, how to develop it and the benefits of being loyal to customers. This was a real eye-opener and was the source of many of the BFOs (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) at the end of the session. BFOs included:

  • You can get loyalty from being loyal yourself
  • Loyalty can start at the beginning of the relationship and it is important to ensure you build it from the beginning
  • 68% of people stop buying because of a perceived lack of caring
  • One client identified that whilst they do a lot with their clients to ensure that they build customer loyalty with their own customers they aren’t applying the same practices to their own relationship with clients.

Overall this was a great session and it was brilliant to see the interaction and connection between the clients. There were laughs, we learned a lot and everyone left knowing what they want to achieve in the next 90 days.

If you would like to develop your 90-day plan to drive success into your business our next GrowthCLUB will be on Thursday, 29th September. Please get in touch to find out more.

We look forward to hearing from you!