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Since being with ActionCOACH we now realise that your goals are as good as your imagination.

Countrywide Telecoms are a national provider of communications services to the construction industry and had been in business for around three years. Although the company was growing organically they had realised that the biggest challenge was working out how to scale future growth in the right way so that they still delivered great customer service.

PJ Farr, the business owner admits to initially being sceptical of having an ActionCOACH. One of the key things that his ActionCOACH looked at was the processes and strategies as well as their operations manuals and organisational charts, then focused on niche areas such as how to improve marketing and profits through the 5 Ways System.

PJ saw results within the first week as together, working with his ActionCOACH they organised the chaos in the business, giving each person their own roles and responsibilities.

In 6 months turnover had increased by 300% and gross profit had risen by 150%. Countrywide Telecoms had gone from connecting 10-15 construction sites per month to 30-40 construction sites per month.

ActionCOACH has helped me grow a team that believes in my culture and values. I would highly recommend speaking to an ActionCOACH

PJ also saw an improvement in his work-life balance. Previously he had found himself regularly bringing work home with him and wasn’t able to spend as much time with his young family as he would have liked. Since working with ActionCOACH he is now able to spend much more time with his family, organising holidays when he wants in the knowledge that his business works around him and his team support him because of the strategies that are in place.

Countrywide Telecoms has been recognised as one of the leading providers of communications to the construction industry by some of the UK’s leading awards boards, meaning their vision has started to come to fruition ahead of when they thought it would do.

Because of ActionCOACH I now have a business that works for me, the business owner