Datrix - Basingstoke - ActionCOACH


ActionCOACH was something that was refreshing, they had a different message to tell and what I was seeking to find was structure that I could relate to that was aligned with my thoughts and my focus for the future

Mahmood Choudhri is the CEO OF Datrix, a business that specialises in network infrastructure with an overlay of security and managed services. The business was going through a slight bad patch with a cost structure that was out of control and profitability was suffering as a consequence. The business needed guidance, reassurance and help.

With ActionCOACH on board Mahmood realised that he needed to step back from the everyday running of the business and let the people in the business run the business rather than him getting involved with every decision. This allowed him to invest in areas he otherwise wouldn’t have, such as recruiting a new MD.

Specific strategies included getting clarity on the company’s goals and turning those into a plan as well as working on an engage and grow programme to help them rebuild the vision and the values and realign everybody around the same purpose.

Top level revenue increased by 40% in 12 months and overheads reduced by nearly 25%. Datrix have also gone on to win Unified Cloud Partnership of the Year.

ActionCOACH is there to help your business…….if you want to develop your business, if you want to make sure you stay in business and if you want to make sure you get the best out of your business then I would highly recommend it