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Michael Roberts Solutions

ActionCOACH has allowed me to own my business, own the process and how we actually structure the business moving forward.

Michael Roberts, is MD of Michael Roberts Solutions, a recruitment agency focusing on the Electronic Component Distribution Industry for Sales & Marketing professionals. Michael got involved with ActionCOACH as although he had years of experience in recruitment he didn’t know how to run a business and felt that it was vitally important to educate himself.

Everyone’s always sceptical about taking on a business coach, I don’t think you understand the value they bring until the value is there to be seen.

Michael spent the first 2-3 months getting the systems in place and after the third month started to see a return on his investment. After 12 months he saw a 100% turnover increase, a gross profit increase of 60% and a net profit increase of 100%.

He now understands what he wants and knows what his targets are. His biggest achievement was employing other people. As a one-man business it was daunting to take on responsibility for wages and Michael was aware that taking on the first people to a business is critical to the foundations of the business. His ActionCOACH guided him through the process including how to interview for sales positions.

Michael feels the most valuable thing he’s learnt from working with ActionCOACH has been system and structure. Understanding where  you need to go, how you’re doing it, how you’re measuring it. Not everything will work but as long as you understand what you’re doing and how you’re doing you can take your business to the next level.

Without the coach we wouldn’t be where we are now……..as well as being your friend he’s also the person who’s going to kick you up the bum when you need it